Model no: Smart-Mon 1.0 / 1.1 (Module)

Easy-Scope 1.0 / 1.1 (assembled version )


Name plate mode_________VU meter mode_________CRO mode

Monitor mode ________ Hypnotize mode _________CRO mode _________ Spectrum mode

SE-300B-70W with built-in Smart-Mon 1.0

Microprocessor controlled multifunction LCD display / tester

This is a very interesting hi-tech multifunction display , it is named "SMART MON ", a display which can let you set it to be one of the following functions

VU meter (like a traditional analog meter with needle)

CRO (scope with Vrms readout )

MON (like a heart beat monitor)

HYPNO (circular pattern which can hypnotize you)

SPECTRUM (real time spectrum analyser) ---- SMART-MON 1.1 only

Name plate (Display your name, pet's name...etc),

this monitor device also equipped with a very sensitive DC offset detection circuit, whenever the input signal has harmful DC components, it will trigger the protection and disable the output to safe your expensive speaker, with this SMART monitor, you can use any gear equipped with this meter as a measuring equipent , and to test out any part of your system, such as check out the L/R channel balance, waveform distortion, room acoustics...etc. This might be the first audio display have such special features . (We can program the name plate to your choice of display, 100% custom made to reflect your person taste ). This meter can work independently or install into any of our pre-amp , power amp, integrated amp, buffer ...etc, 1Mohm super high input impedance ensure no side effect to sound quality, just to make music enjoyment become more fun , unique and professional.

Bult-in switch inputs to let you select between different mode and gain, just add two / three push buttons to the module will do. 5V DC output for output protection relay control (relay not included)

Complete assembled version also available as

EASY-SCOPE 1.0 / 1.1

Both Easy-Scope 1.0 and 1.1 have the same operation mode of VU, CRO, MON, HYPNO, SPECTRUM and Nameplate, the differences between this two models are, the 1.1 ver. have MIC(built-in / external), variable input level and line/mic selector.

You can ask for whatever chassis/look/color for this scope , price might be the same or vary.

Specifications of the module
No. of inputs one single ended input

x1 (5V p-p max) or x10 (0.5V p-p max) selectable by push button

Sampling speed

12K sps max. (SMART-MON 1.0)

25K sps max.(SMART-MON 1.1 , EASY-SCOPE 1.0 / 1.1)

Resolution 1mVrms (x10 mode) and 0.01Vrms (x1 mode)
Input impedance 1Mohm
Gain x1 / x10 selectable by push button
Spectrum mode

25Ksps (waveform test) / 5Ksps ( room acoustic test) selectable by push button

(in EASY-SCOPE 1.0 and 1.1 only)

uP speed

20Mhz ( SMART-MON 1.0)

48Mhz (SMART-MON 1.1 , EASY-SCOPE 1.0 / 1.1 )



1 year parts and labor warranty under normal operation conditions

Module price :

SMART-MON Version 1.0 C$280 (Module only)

SMART-MON Version 1.1 C$350 (Module only)

EASY-SCOPE 1.0 C$480 (mount and assmbled with speaker/line input, spectrum analyser)

EASY-SCOPE 1.1 C$580 (mount and assmebled with int/ext mic/line/speaker inputs , spectrum analyser and variable gain )

Name plate programming charge C$50 each time , first time free with order

SMART -MON Installation fee $100 only (single / dual ) when order with our products


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